“Lets Double Tuition Fees”.


Many universities in England and Wales want a sharp increase in tuition fees, a survey by BBC News has concluded.

England’s Higher Education Minister David Lammy said there was an “important debate to be had”.
BBC News

New Labor – “Education, Education, Education”
Tony Blair said it, and Gordon Brown has re-iterated it. Yet both Brown and Blair have very little to show for it except a big hole in the budget, no one can actually say education has improved significantly, yes in places it has but the overall picture is very much the same as it was 11 years ago.

The net result is a heavily neglected Higher Education System, the solution was to get the student to contribute to the pot in addition to the government. As we already know money is being spent left right and center to get us out a recession we are already well entrenched in and it looks to be many years before we are out of it.

The one sure fire way to make sure we can stay strong through any recession is to make sure we have well educated and trained people, yet the government policy seems to be actively discourage students from pursuing higher education by burdening them with more and more debt.

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