iPhone – A couple of days in.

iPhoneSo I have a nice new unhacked iPhone. My first impressions are all somewhat good, so I though’t I would run done some of the things the press have been knocking the ye olde iPhone down with.


Whoa! The iPhone is only 2.5G phone, run! Well in all honesty the EDGE coverage is poor although I can get it most places where I go, it ain’t to slow and even out of EDGE areas webpages load pretty damn fast. Its not youtube fast but it gets the job done.


2 Megapixels is that all? Well this is something that has bothered me, but not for the reason you may be thinking of. I have yet to use a camera on any phone, if I want to take a picture I have a dedicated camera for it. Though ‘cameraphones’ are getting much better there are still no match to a good quality dedicated camera


This point I actually agree with and I think like our American cousins, we will get shafted for at least £100 come January, but do you know what I don’t really care. It would be nice if there was a Pay-As-You-Go option but then I can’t see anyway for o2 to make money.

The rest of the package is spot on, iPod and Phone work perfectly (not that I call many people) I am looking forward to the SDK, but may hack apptap on there before too long.