BBC NEWS | Technology | BBC moves to file-sharing sites

BBC NEWS | Technology | BBC moves to file-sharing sites

We are starting to see a turn for the better, we are hopefully emerging the other side of sharing music is bad for the industry phase and the industry is now seeing the potential with the p2p networks.

The BBC has always had its eye on the ball with this sort of thing, podcast, video podcasting, so it comes of no surprise to me that there the first really serious content provider that people want/already share.

Shame its only the US, the BBC does stand for British Broadcasting Corporation, what’s going on america first! Next they’ll pull a sony “historically people in europe don’t mind waiting for the latest technology”

Merry Christmas

Does Blogging Improve Your College Work?

I have been pondering this one for a while and I just can’t seem to get it resolved in my mind, like most things its double edged.

In my case i think that blogging has significantly improved my written (pity I didn’t pick a-level english) I also find it easier to write longer more in-depth things that I would ordinarily just leave well alone.

Think of it, outside of the blogging context though. You write lots, you get better at writing, blogging is just an extension of that writing skill. You then have the flip side, the fact that you can get so into the blogging and other related things on the web that you then spend less time working and more time blogging. The key would seem to be getting the right balance of blogging and work, lets say the blog to work ratio. In my case I would love to spend every living moment making stuff for the web, and blogging. Alas I need to work because I aren’t doing particularly well on the maths side of things but Computing is entirely other story.

Sorry for disjointed nature of this post, and the fact it would seem to posting for postings sake but I think it’s genuinely instresting to actually see what benefits you get from blogging. We all want to blog or do we?

“Everyone thinks they have something to say, until they’re put on stage and asked to say it.” Mr Plummer

Improving Once Again

Share ITWhilst I can’t take credit for the plugins and additional things that I have bolted on (I can take credit for making them play nice together) I have got rid of the sociable plug in the favor of a prettier system that has abit of the web 2.0 about it. Its Share It! Link Also icons from

Now its even simpler to get the content you like from here to wherever you want, I think I will try and do something similar with the RSS syndication stuff if I Get chance.

The Best of Both Worlds

Parallels Windows in Coherence ModeParallels have release a new BETA of there Virtualization Application for mac os x with many updates, the biggest of which being “Coherence” this things rocks, so much its untrue.

How about Windows Taskbar at the bottom of the page and mac os x everywhere else, thats right the holy grail of being able to run everything you could ever want has been acheived. Apples’ decision to switch to intel seems all but justified now.

Running windows apps as if they were mac apps without have to have a separate window open is genius, how the hell they manage to do it is beyond me. What I do know is Macs are most definitely going from strength to strength and a actually think Parallels would be a welcomed acquisition for Apple, because Leopard could take this stuff and run to such a level were you can no longer tell you are virtualizing windows. For example download a file with safari that happens to be an .exe, double click it and windows opens it. Simple elegant and apple all over.

Come apple this is certainly a feature i would love to see in Leopard (if it isnt already in there)

forget office, get ThinkFree Office

I have dabbled in many office applications google’s offerings microsoft open office and some i cant even remember.

I am amazed at ThinkFree Office it is exactly what a web app should be and the learning curve is 0 cos it looks just like office on you desktop. Wel done guys, and ThinkFree Office is my default Office of choice.

And I got this from 5 minutes using it.