Back to work its back to work, or rather College. I am working on getting up and working before I start back then i don’t sink too much time into the the site rather than working 🙂

as for this site its ticking along nicely and apart from some additional content issues i.e. Pages With no content its OK.

I aren’t really sure what direction we will take the 3stooges site, i think i will figure that one out when needed.

My New Macbook

Macbook WhiteIf you have a look at my GCSE results (see previous post) you will see that they werent all that shabby. So a treated myself to a new mac, i now have an intel Macbook 1.83ghz and i have to say its up the usual mac standard and the core duo processor makes it fly i just hope i dont start neglecting my iMac G5 in place of this little box of tricks.

GCSE Results in!

Its sunday now and i havent posted for along time, so i though i would post my GCSE results online so here goes:

Now that was painless wasnt it?

Leopard is here

Mac OS X LeopardWell here it is Apple has gone slightly top secret on Leopard, keeping the copycats at redmond in the dark (i think they may already be) and gave us some feeatures and improvments, and some new hardware to wish for. Time Machine being one of the best features and most useful features in OS X so far, and some tweaks and improvements.

I might just be able to get hands on with Leopard at this years Mac Expo (i can always hope).

The new Mac Pros and xServe, look good, i might just wangle a quad PowerMac for myself before the year is out.


Problem 1: My schwag is late.Everyone wants their project to be cheap, fast, and good, but as anyone in web development knows you can only get two of ‘em. We want to keep valleyschwag cheap (ten bucks plus shipping! cheap!) and we want it to be good (more schwag! cool packaging!)

The Chronicles of Valleyschwag » Blog Archive » We’re back! And a Valleyschwag4 Update

I am still waiting for my first parcel from valleyschwag, but i only just sunscribe to it so i cant really moan that much.

-anyway to the point of this post-

I totally agree with the sentiment that, if its good it doesn’t matter how long it takes, within reason obviously.

I am no awaiting the delivery of my schwag, and it should be good.

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