Virgin Galactic – Who cares?

Why is everybody bothered by Virgin Galactic all of a sudden. The normal man will not be able to afford it for a long time. Its just concord happening all over again. Except this time, you don’t actually end up anywhere.

Music industry still don’t get it.

The manager of rock band U2 has urged internet service providers (ISPs) to help end illegal music downloads, according to The Hollywood Reporter. -via BBC News

We should really make the life and times of the music industry into a book, specifically that of fiction. They still don’t seem to understand that there getting wrong, at every turn. I buy all my music, and have for the most part stopped buying mainstream popular stuff in favour of the small indie labels and bands, because its alot better.

I believe whole heartedly in supporting the artist, but getting ISPs to gang up on their users, so the Music industry can make even more money, the MPAA are already on record saying they have over exaggerated there figures. There will always be a market for music, so why does the RIAA and BPI hang fast to the old ways, even now.