Bricks and Mortar is Dead, Long Live Bricks and Mortar.

Preface: This post is a direct result of a very heated discussion with the MI (Music Industry) on the following article at MI-Pro and as such is very MI centric and should be taken as such


MI Retail stores are fast failing in the UK, and its been happening for years not just because of the ‘recession’. The common held wisdom that if you build a music store they will come and sample the wares and buy – bricks and mortar is good. However, as history is consistently showing the MI Retail sector isn’t making much out of this philosophy. Maybe there are exceptions to the rule, but at large retails stores with their inherent overheads of staff and upkeep as well as stock – its a complete non-starter.
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Spotify Applescripts – Updated

New Version Here
picture-2As with all good things there comes a time when a little update and a refresh is needed. Sometime ago a released several little Applescript helpers that let you control spotify through Quicksilver triggers. However they had a little tendency to make spotify the front and therefore active app when you used them. The new and improved scripts will return you back to the app you where using before the script was triggered, fun eh!

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Royal Mail – Doomed! I Tell You.


Lets not lose sight of the reason why these public spirited workers are taking action, they are being asked to “work the hours they are paid for”.

Commentor Guardian Website

The end of an era is finally here, Labour tried to Privatise the Royal Mail and failed because of Union opposition. Now out of greed and short sightedness the very same union are painting themselves into a corner the business will never recover from.

Amazon, Argos & eBay, The life blood of what is left of the Royal Mail are setting up to drop them like a stone on the back of any industrial action. Small businesses are up in arms and there is even a petition.
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