2 Replies to “$75,000 – Another Epic Waste of Money.”

  1. Just out of curiosity, have you used or worked with any of these $75,000 Network Appliances? You seem to have intimate knowledge about these devices. Have you considered working for these companies to show them how things should be done?

  2. I have worked with large and small companies, the problem is there are far too many companies like Audible Magic in the industry selling products as the one stop solution, and then when you have dished the money out its nothing like what it said.

    The CopySense system cannot work, it may work for some older P2P methods, but there is no way it could detect and stop copy protected media from passing through the network say if it was encrypted, unless there is some fancy quantum chip in there.

    Its utter vapourware, and the tech industry has far too many of these products, and there isn’t enough people who know what this stuff is, to actually advise.

    Should the offer of a job come up, I might jump at it or I might not it all depends what exactly it entails and if I would enjoy it.

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