Coming Soon you may know, I am seriously looking at going to University in the USA (quite why I aren’t sure)

When I have been looking around the net for information and how things in the US differ from here in the UK, I got fustrated. There loads of information lots of it very useful to the international student but its buried, hidden or just in obscure places of the internets and theres no filter and central resource for all this infromation.

Whats a Geek to do?

Well its quite simple really by a domain and make a new website combining all this information into something useful and incredibly help to international students just like me. Who ever said I was selfish?

The basic idea is for a wiki like site were people can come and submit things and also a huge list of links and information, to help you and me make the right choices. The sites not about taking all the credit for all the information thats out there it providing a place were all the information comes together so its easy to access what you want.

I should have the site ready by the end of the week and ready for content, which looks like it may just be me in the beginning but I hope to make a community out of the project if it all works.

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