Music Labels Cannot Make up lost Ground.

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The Corps are at it again, and so am I.

It seems now that the Labels can make up for the ground they have lost in the ‘war against P2P’ (I use the term loosely) By raising awareness and brainwashing they can make sure they do have a consumer base in the future, the only problem is the audience they are trying to pitch to have already had enough and are set in there ways, and the general feeling is that the labels stop creativity; Just look in the charts and find something that is drastically different to the one before it -done? Its damn hard isn’t it.

I aren’t going to ramble and rant -much- but the Labels and associated Corps must not be able to see there consumers on the pile of money the legitimately steal everyday. They also can’t see that the people who are heavy downloads also buy more Music and DVDs etc from them. Its quite ironic that the money the labels to sue people is partly paid for the person being sued.

I aren’t saying piracy isn’t a problem it is, but the reason isn’t being tackled. By trying to sway consumers to their way of thinking it is further gluing in the it cheaper to download and such ideology. The simple way to tackle it is make it easy and cheap to download and also stop suing because not all press is good press.

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