NASA Deep Space Network

View of the Canberra Complex showing the 70m (230 ft.) antenna and the 34m (110 ft.) antennas. The Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex, located outside Canberra, Australia, is one of the three complexes which comprise NASA’s Deep Space Network. Credit: Nasa

The Deep Space Network, or DSN, is much more than a collection of big antennas. It is a powerful system for commanding, tracking and monitoring the health and safety of spacecraft at many distant planetary locales. About – Deep Space Network

Voyager 2 fun facts:

  • Data rates upto 115.2 kilobits at Jupiter.
  • I huge 64 kilobytes of tape backed storage, and 70 kilobytes program memory.
  • Built in 1970s – expected to keep transmitting to 2025 (The RTG is now degrading).
  • Software built on Fortran and COBOL.
  • In flight software updates made in 1990.

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