Postcards from New York

I never actually thought I would end up buying an iPad or for that matter really liking one if i did. However, sat at 32,000ft typing this review out on an iPad this thing makes absolute sense, and is just about the best gadget I have purchased to date.

For the vegetarians amongst you, there is a very easy analogy the iPhone is a quorn burger, where as the iPad is a full blown New York strip steak with steak sauce, fries and whatever else you care to have on, or with your steak. Yes it doesn’t multi-task, and yes you are limited to the apps that apple approve – but what you do get is a fantastic piece of hardware with some fantastic apps.

The ultimate role of the iPad is neither to be a laptop nor a giant iPhone, it is to be the device you goto on a morning to get your news fix, or when you are sat down and having an argument over who made the engines for the Blackbird. It’s instantly on and instantly there, unlike any device I have ever used you click it happens.

The keyboard is surprisingly good and like the iPhone, it will learn your common mistakes and correct them. Unlike the iPhone however there is built in spell checker, which seems to be apart of the OS so is available to any application that supports it; it’s the simple touches that make life easier.

As far as battery life goes I expect it to easily last the 6hour flight to San Francisco that I am on now, which will involve watching at least 3 episode of FlashForward, and multiple tweets.

All in all I think it may well turn out to be a good buy.

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