Royal Mail – Doomed! I Tell You.


Lets not lose sight of the reason why these public spirited workers are taking action, they are being asked to “work the hours they are paid for”.

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The end of an era is finally here, Labour tried to Privatise the Royal Mail and failed because of Union opposition. Now out of greed and short sightedness the very same union are painting themselves into a corner the business will never recover from.

Amazon, Argos & eBay, The life blood of what is left of the Royal Mail are setting up to drop them like a stone on the back of any industrial action. Small businesses are up in arms and there is even a petition.

Kipper-Williams-Royal-Mai-003We are fighting for fairness and job security…

Well fairness is about as broad as it is long, so you can justify just about anything there. I was forced to wear the company uniform and walk around posting things through doors – it’s just unfair. Jobs at the Royal Mail are now about as secure as the crew on the Mary Celeste, they were more secure before the CWU started bleating about unfair conditions and rushed modernisation.

The unions seem not to realise that if the modernisation isn’t pushed through quickly enough (whether or not it is the correct course of action) there will be little of the business to save. Being that it currently continues to be in business, due to being owned by the government and heavily subsidised by the tax payer.

The Royal Mail is a business it isn’t there for the social benefit of its workers. If a business makes insufficient money to make payroll well sadly some workers have to go. If there is duplication of workers duties well thats wasted money, either re-train or move on.

There is only one thing left to say – The Royal Mail is Doomed! Not because of the business itself even if the letters being shipped via the royal mail decline 10% each year. No, it will fail because once again the Unions put the big foot in the mix. Lions leading Lambs anyone?

PS: I really wish I was a stakeholder in any alternative shipping company, its going to be a bumper christmas.

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  1. If you (like me) have suffered at the hands of Royal Mail – come join us on

    My business has been all but ruined by the Royal Mail strikes – I deal heavily in low value items that can’t easily (or cheaply!) be couriered.

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