Shut Up and Get a Grip.

One of the biggest teachers’ unions in England and Wales is demanding a pay rise of 10% or at least £3,000, whichever is greater. BBC

I have the greatest respect for teachers, but I am sorry this is just a step too far. As a profession they should be thanking there lucky stars they have still got a well paid professional job, many haven’t been so lucky.

It’s common knowledge the government is spending money left, right and center, to keep the economy going. Only time will tell if its actually going to work. To ask for more money when there simple isn’t enough to go round in the first place is short sited, arrogant, and plain stupid.

Many people are being asked to take pay cuts or work short time to keep there jobs because there simple isn’t demand, teachers don’t face this problem, they are in demand. Also why do the teachers need more money? Domestic goods cost less than last year, utilities haven’t gone up dramatically (unless you bought wrong) so where does the money go.

I have a small suggestion stop spending and get to work, like the rest of the country.

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