Twitter Updates for 2009-03-08

  • Coursework 1 of 2 Completed. SVN is making this alot easier. #
  • I am more than a little pissed off, that #mediatemple (gs) has failed. Transferring to Dedicated Servers ASAP. #
  • Massive CoreImage Bug, caused by safari systematically killing everything. Reboot Needed. #
  • RT @SteveReynolds: @ashleyford Post your feedback on the MediaTemple Cluster 2 outage here: #
  • Hahaha, I mention @mosso in a tweet and they start following me. Any chance of a discount for referring the spoils of (mt)’s failure? #
  • For anybody affected by #mediatemple downtime. You can force your server to point to a (dv) if you add the domain to account center as a … #
  • RT @brennannovak: A blog dedicated to the #mt_downtime for @mediatemple customers msg me if u want to contribute! #
  • Retweeting @SteveReynolds: Open Letter to MT on behalf of MediaTemple Outage Sufferers : #
  • moving all my data to (dv) a little extra downtime is not going to be a problem I have been down over 36 hours. @mediatemple epic fail. #
  • From an morning of RoR to an afternoon of JAVA, now I remember how much I hate java. #

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