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Being the heavy user of I was a little concerned when techcrunch broke the story that supposably, had given the RIAA, information pertaining to users who had scrobbled any tracks from the Upcoming and undrealeased U2 album. The fact I can’t stand the rose tinted glasses wearing, Irish Hypocrite is beside the point.

Firstly, what got me there was no mention of the Data Protection act fair enough is a CBS company, but its still based in the UK (for the most part) and that would mean the passing of this data would be illegal. You cannot pass data to a third party without consent from the data subject.

Also it seems like there are alot of people and blogs posting unsubstantiated rumours to get traffic and therefore ad revenue etc. I know its always been there but it seems like everybody is at it even big news companies, what little credibilty these sites have is been quickly ruined by hastly researched stories and a all too trigger happy publish finger. – Keep up the good work.

TechCrunch Article – “TechCrunch is full of shit”

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