Introducing the V-Piano

NAMM was a couple of weeks ago now, and there have been some major announcements in the music industry. Roland have managed to push as many new products onto us as I can ever remember at least over the last 5 Years. The most interesting of which is the newest addtion to the V series of instruments the V-Piano. 

What is so special about this is the keyboard itself models the sound of a keyboard, meaning the computer generates a fake piano in every sense, the casing the hammers, dampers and strings. In minute detail, all this means you can replicate the sound of a piano so realisitically you would find it difficult to tell the difference. It also means you can customise the way the piano plays, for instance changing the coating of the strings, and the hammers for a particular octave(s) of the keyboard. Making a truly unique sound.

I cannot wait until I get a go on one of these Roland is set to have a production Demo at MusikMesse Frankfurt at Easter.

Roland V-Piano from Northern Music on Vimeo.

Roland recently launched or rather pre-launched the V-Piano an NAMM09

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