ITV: Your Problems Michael Grade

“Google and YouTube are parasites. It’s all about content; the rest is just railway lines.”

You utter clot, YouTube living off the great content that ITV are making – CelebAir another brilliant way to spend ITVs budget. I am sorry but you have complete lost touch with reality and ITV deserves to loose its place on the FTSE100, business man exploits whatever tool available to them when in a corner, ITV resorts to cheap shots.

Look at the BBC, they are publishing left, right and center to youtube and iPlayer has left the other UK broadcasters in the dust. Lets not forget the technology he is attacking is directly powering all of ITVs Digital and Hi-Def content (H.264 encoding and MPEG). Looking at it that way isn’t the broadcaster the parasite, living off a much larger ecosystem of digital content providers. I finish with another titbit from the same article:

“People who keep writing the obituaries for existing broadcasters ignore one thing – they are people who are in love with technology and distribution mechanisms – that the history of the modern media age is littered with casualties of people who believed in technology rather than content.”

I think that is an obituary enough, lets not embrace change. Lets watch as we leave the FTSE100 never to return again.

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