Twitter Updates for 2008-06-09

  • I think the iPhone 2 is so obvious, Steve wont give a mention. Instead we will get a yellow submarine iphone at edge speed even under water. #
  • for WWDC rolling live updates as long as twitter stays up #
  • next feature to switched so twitter can stay online, Posting! #
  • WWDC = Dig Let down so far – Demo’s are borng me to tears and i am 7000 miles away. #
  • Apple is not on form today, not of form at all. I distinct lack of the usuall pizazz #
  • At Last – Apple does not dissapoint #
  • @leolaporte glad to see TWiT live is doing so well, enjoyed the coverage! It has nothing to do with Steve, build it and they will come. #
  • o2 UK seems very scarce on the iPhone 3G details and there is a complete lack of prices on the Apple Store. #

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