What’s wrong with writing a book about AdWords?

Lately, I have been optimising one of the sites I manage for AdWords. As part of that I have looked into the many Self-Help guids to AdWords.

What really narks me is that they are all full of common sense and endorsements. For instance the last book I read about AdWords, tried to get you to use 1shoppingcart every other line, because its a ‘superior’ platform each man to his own but I have to say having used and hacked away a good couple e-commerce programs (OsCommerce and Zen Cart) there are a lot better out there (Trading-Eye my current platform of choice).

You can really boil them down to the following points

  • Test different ideas and use the one that produces the best results
  • Reduce links to other parts of you site on landing pages be direct
  • Use PayPal
  • Have a good design
Thats it folks, all very simple and all based on good common sense. Sometimes I think that you need to read something that is blindingly obvious before you see it yourself but I think the costs associated with these so called AdWords Professionals is bordering on the obscene.
— Rant Over —

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