Lets rename the UK – Its a Good Idea Trust Me

Union Jack The United KingdomIt is a constant frustration of mine that there is no established international way of putting the UK. Its simple if you live the the USA, France, Germany, because the country cannot be split it to different parts.

You would think this isn’t a big problem and its all about preserving the cultural identity each of us have in the UK. The problem is that whenever you try to buy or submit a form online, it takes 5mins instead of 2mins, just because you have to search for what system the website is using.

The different ways of putting countries in a list:

  • England
  • Great Britain
  • United Kingdom
  • UK
  • Britain

There aren’t that many, but when there is a list box, a couple of hundred countries long its get really really, tedious. Leading you to only one sane solution, if you ever meet the designer of the website (yes thats specifically aimed at the guys & gals who design the CollegeBoard site) tell them the importance of considering there cousins across the pond, and then proceed to batter them over the head with a world atlas. Until they submit to changing their forms to us UK.

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