Switch To Something Other than IE

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Devthought – Guillermo Rauch’s Blog » IE7 still creating problems for developers?

5 Reasons to switch from IE to something else:

  1. Its Horrible confusing and counter-intuitive (in versions 5 – 7)
  2. Its unSafe See Here
  3. It causes headaches on a monumental scale, I only play with web design its not a serious job and it give me headaches I can only imagine what it does to the poor developers that design sites for a living.
  4. Pop-Ups – whilst installing Google’s toolbar and using pop-up blockers built into the latest version IE its still not good enough, with a couple of firefox extensions you can block anything you don’t want easily and you can even stop the annoying “Zap Me!” ads
  5. This is the simplest of all the reasons, its made by Microsoft and therefore supports there own proprietary software and activex controls, which should really be named entry points for spyware and nasty painfully hard to remove software that you simply don’t want

Simply put switch and make your life more productive and Kill Off Bills Browser

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