The Best of Both Worlds

Parallels Windows in Coherence ModeParallels have release a new BETA of there Virtualization Application for mac os x with many updates, the biggest of which being “Coherence” this things rocks, so much its untrue.

How about Windows Taskbar at the bottom of the page and mac os x everywhere else, thats right the holy grail of being able to run everything you could ever want has been acheived. Apples’ decision to switch to intel seems all but justified now.

Running windows apps as if they were mac apps without have to have a separate window open is genius, how the hell they manage to do it is beyond me. What I do know is Macs are most definitely going from strength to strength and a actually think Parallels would be a welcomed acquisition for Apple, because Leopard could take this stuff and run to such a level were you can no longer tell you are virtualizing windows. For example download a file with safari that happens to be an .exe, double click it and windows opens it. Simple elegant and apple all over.

Come apple this is certainly a feature i would love to see in Leopard (if it isnt already in there)

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