Mac and no Flash Player?

Larry Bodine’s LawMarketing Blog: Mac Aficionados In Flames About Critical Article

I draw you attention to Mr Larry Bodine, who’s supposed to be ‘intelligent’ his wonderful articles are floating around the internets right now.

I can honestly say without getting too mac fanboy like, he doesn’t have a clue about anything with a microchip in it PowerPC, Intel, or otherwise. I aren’t going go into specifics but the comments made and the justification that mac is the ‘betamax’ of the 21st century are unwarranted, unjustified and aren’t backed up with an eloquent article in short, Larry You should be ashamed and also there are better ways to boost site traffic than flaming the mac folk around the world.

It amazes me that these people can actually make money.

I shall leave you with one last comment:

Regarding the inability to read Flash, I even telephoned Apple and asked about a plug-in for it. As I stated in the article, the Apple help desk said no improvements in Safari were planned

Hmm, need I say more. Flash not in safari, thats strange I was playing that game on miniclip with yes thats right Flash Player right in Safari (goody I have a special version of Safari)

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