Protecting Media from Pirates…

Web pirates placed in ‘slow lane’

The government has all but ruled out using a “three strikes” law to tackle persistent net pirates.
Using warnings and disconnection to tackle pirates was thought to be in the final Digital Britain report due to be published on 16 June.

After years and years fighting the Music and Movie industries, still seem reluctant to change there business models. Still trying to convince government and ISP the only solution is to kick pirates off their respective networks, or divulge the users browsing habits so they can be sued.

The fact still remains that the industry in general still doesn’t get it, see the pirate bay trial, and repeatedly shady operations for so-called piracy prevention. See

There have been more problems caused by the industry completely and utter refusal to get with the times and stick to their, pay at every point model. Than if they had simply said lets follow the path of least resistance.

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Sorting the piracy mess

I though I would take a break and post something else that really gets me.

We all know that piracy has ended up as a monumental PR mess for the record industry, and it is a undisputed fact that the industry in general were far too late and couldn’t adopt the same model they do in the shops so invented DRM (lets not go any further into this)

I love music as much as the next man, but when a consumer thinks their being ripped of they will always find a new way, the internet provides such a way. So when Napster and Kazaa came along the consumers went there instead of going to the local music store, by the time the industry realised just how big this was they had only one option left to sue everything and everybody related to this P2P software. As a resulting pissing off there next generation customers and the ones they already had, and along the way giving themselves and P2P developers bad press.

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