The Strangest Things Happen

So I am in the hotel using my free wi-fi minutes and doing some web design stuff before we got out again (the mac-expo was great by the way) and a bloke sat opposite me loads up a huge dell laptop with the customary ding on a windows machine booting up, my though another windows faithful user.

But the guy packs up the windows machine walks over to me and we have a 5minute conversation about what so good about macs’ in the end, he left me saying “I think a May invest in one”

incidentally the guy mentioned video editing which surprised me because I always thought that market was the foundation of the mac platform along with photoshop.

The OS Maketh the User

This means that Mac users almost always have multiple windows and application visible. We can switch easily between them and, probably more importantly, they’re always there, reminding us of their existence, nagging us. We naturally become multi-taskers.

Mac users created, not born? – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

I find this interesting but also, how true do you find this?
I work in a mixed environment what some mac users would term a slider, I work on windows at College through the day and work on macs at home. I often find that I look for exposé features in windows but I also do find it frustrating that windows assumes you want the window full screen, when you hit maximise.
So I think I will stick with that while mac user choose mac, it makes the user more likely to multi-task because the way that the OS works. I wouldn’t say that the OS entirely makes the user.

In writing this post I learnt that pressing alt+e will let you put the little flick above letters ‘√°’

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