3stooges.co.ukWe are now close to launching 3stooges.co.uk, we have drupal up and ready to go we just need to sort out some content and get the other features we want installed. Bookmark it because we should be launching within a month 🙂

The Price of being an early adopter

Apple LogoAs anyone who knows me will tell you, I love having the latests gadgets and using them and having fun until then up on my desk doing preciosu little.

We get to the intel macs and I had at that time only just purchased a iMac G5 weeks before hand, I still stuck to the G5 because thats what I wanted. I kept my eye on the transistion and decided if I got good GCSEs I would treat myself to a shiny macbook (nothing fancy my iMac does that) I just wanted a computer I could cart around with me and just pick up and start work anywhere. – Good Idea Right

So I haven’t had it replaced or anything go wrong – yet – but I have had certain unlike apple issues with my new gadget, first bad firmware; tempurate 100C not good – Apple fixed this with firmware update the day a got the macbook so problem solved. Second failed startups from cold, if I leave my macbook off for an extended ime when i came around to booting it up again it would just not boot unless i zapped the PRAM, after digging from sometime and watching the kernal kick off the boot sequence (command+V for those who are interested) and some creative googling it looks as if my problem was with BootCamp which I only installed as a toy anyway so as of this posting I have; removed boot camp, cleared all the log files, zapped the PRAM, cleared caches, and repaired disk permissions. So only time will tell if my booting problem will be fixed.

If We Can’t Innovate, Just Copy – The Musical

myspace logoMyspace has launched its very own music service, while i do like supporting independent artists i think that Myspace is the wrong vehicle.

Whilst Myspace has a large user base this user base is mainly of the same demographic, so if I were an independent artist I wouldn’t just want to make my music available to one section of the world. This is were iTunes is a semi-solution whilst the pricing and money proportioning is absolute rubbish (at least there trying to their best with the greedy labels) but you can quite easily reach a wide set of people easily.

MySpace isn’t in it for the betterment of the music industry there in it for the money, you only have to look at its ad saturated interface.

I am going to go off on a bit of a tangent now but it is relevant.

Record Labels are suing the next generation of their consumers on a daily basis, my sister still finds it hard to grasp that just because you can get it for free doesn’t make it legal, but young people live online and consume most of there media online you only have to look at the explosion of P2P, Blogging, Podcasting etc. But the labels still insist the best way to tackle the problem get there money back.

I would much rather be able to download any music for free and then have to option to then pay the artist, I know people may abuse this but if the artist is really that good people like me would go and donate (or whatever you want to call it) to the artist.

It is no longer the labels that should make the profit it should be the artist who get the re-ward for there work.

I think this quote just highlights what is wrong (its from memory so may be slightly inaccurate) “We will sue anybody who downloads music associated with our label” Virgin Records

How Long Can Apple Keep this Up??

Apple LogoI am a Mac user and as with any other mac user i swear by them and love every minute of using them (apart from when i break unix) but apple can no longer keep up the hype and rumor mongering that i read every day – it just simply isn’t possible.

What other company can you think of that people get all excited because there might be the off chance that a processor in a laptop may just change. As much as Apple is a market leader it cannot keep generating this much hype. On the one hand it is good at generating publicity but this publicity can be a double edged sword, Apple only has to release one bad product and it will be in trouble. Take the iPod for example if there were a new iPod to come out tomorrow and all the units didn’t work would you be put off buying another iPod for your collection??

I don’t like being negative like this and a really do hope apples success continues but at some point something has to change.


Just implemented a couple of tweaks to the site over the last two days, I have finally got round to updating the about me page. I aren’t really sure i like it but I can always change it.

Also I have resurected my Feedburner account and installed a great little plugin by Steve Smith so i dont have to mess with the inerds of wordpress to get it to redirect my feed, so if anybody is using my feed it will make no difference to you because the service is redirect all by itself (no isnt that clever)

Back to work

3stooges.co.ukSo its back to work, or rather College. I am working on getting 3stooges.co.uk up and working before I start back then i don’t sink too much time into the the site rather than working 🙂

as for this site its ticking along nicely and apart from some additional content issues i.e. Pages With no content its OK.

I aren’t really sure what direction we will take the 3stooges site, i think i will figure that one out when needed.

My New Macbook

Macbook WhiteIf you have a look at my GCSE results (see previous post) you will see that they werent all that shabby. So a treated myself to a new mac, i now have an intel Macbook 1.83ghz and i have to say its up the usual mac standard and the core duo processor makes it fly i just hope i dont start neglecting my iMac G5 in place of this little box of tricks.

GCSE Results in!

Its sunday now and i havent posted for along time, so i though i would post my GCSE results online so here goes:

Now that was painless wasnt it?

Leopard is here

Mac OS X LeopardWell here it is Apple has gone slightly top secret on Leopard, keeping the copycats at redmond in the dark (i think they may already be) and gave us some feeatures and improvments, and some new hardware to wish for. Time Machine being one of the best features and most useful features in OS X so far, and some tweaks and improvements.

I might just be able to get hands on with Leopard at this years Mac Expo (i can always hope).

The new Mac Pros and xServe, look good, i might just wangle a quad PowerMac for myself before the year is out.