How Long Can Apple Keep this Up??

Apple LogoI am a Mac user and as with any other mac user i swear by them and love every minute of using them (apart from when i break unix) but apple can no longer keep up the hype and rumor mongering that i read every day – it just simply isn’t possible.

What other company can you think of that people get all excited because there might be the off chance that a processor in a laptop may just change. As much as Apple is a market leader it cannot keep generating this much hype. On the one hand it is good at generating publicity but this publicity can be a double edged sword, Apple only has to release one bad product and it will be in trouble. Take the iPod for example if there were a new iPod to come out tomorrow and all the units didn’t work would you be put off buying another iPod for your collection??

I don’t like being negative like this and a really do hope apples success continues but at some point something has to change.


Just implemented a couple of tweaks to the site over the last two days, I have finally got round to updating the about me page. I aren’t really sure i like it but I can always change it.

Also I have resurected my Feedburner account and installed a great little plugin by Steve Smith so i dont have to mess with the inerds of wordpress to get it to redirect my feed, so if anybody is using my feed it will make no difference to you because the service is redirect all by itself (no isnt that clever)

Back to work its back to work, or rather College. I am working on getting up and working before I start back then i don’t sink too much time into the the site rather than working 🙂

as for this site its ticking along nicely and apart from some additional content issues i.e. Pages With no content its OK.

I aren’t really sure what direction we will take the 3stooges site, i think i will figure that one out when needed.

My New Macbook

Macbook WhiteIf you have a look at my GCSE results (see previous post) you will see that they werent all that shabby. So a treated myself to a new mac, i now have an intel Macbook 1.83ghz and i have to say its up the usual mac standard and the core duo processor makes it fly i just hope i dont start neglecting my iMac G5 in place of this little box of tricks.

GCSE Results in!

Its sunday now and i havent posted for along time, so i though i would post my GCSE results online so here goes:

Now that was painless wasnt it?

Leopard is here

Mac OS X LeopardWell here it is Apple has gone slightly top secret on Leopard, keeping the copycats at redmond in the dark (i think they may already be) and gave us some feeatures and improvments, and some new hardware to wish for. Time Machine being one of the best features and most useful features in OS X so far, and some tweaks and improvements.

I might just be able to get hands on with Leopard at this years Mac Expo (i can always hope).

The new Mac Pros and xServe, look good, i might just wangle a quad PowerMac for myself before the year is out.


Problem 1: My schwag is late.Everyone wants their project to be cheap, fast, and good, but as anyone in web development knows you can only get two of ‘em. We want to keep valleyschwag cheap (ten bucks plus shipping! cheap!) and we want it to be good (more schwag! cool packaging!)

The Chronicles of Valleyschwag » Blog Archive » We’re back! And a Valleyschwag4 Update

I am still waiting for my first parcel from valleyschwag, but i only just sunscribe to it so i cant really moan that much.

-anyway to the point of this post-

I totally agree with the sentiment that, if its good it doesn’t matter how long it takes, within reason obviously.

I am no awaiting the delivery of my schwag, and it should be good.

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What is wrong with the web?

I dont often or like for that matter wading into these tye of subjects but i thought id have ago this time.

“Parents, please be aware. Don’t let your child be alone in a bedroom with a webcam and a computer with Internet access unsupervised,” said Alberta Integrated Child Exploitation Unit Det. Kevin Fald. – Edmonton News – ‘Don’t let your child have a webcam’

This isnt the exact quote i wanted but it was along the same lines “what do expect when yur child has the latest technology … they shouldnt have it” Why shouldnt have a child have access to the internet and the latest technology, just because somebody might take advantage. The problem is not with the technology or the web services available it is the fact that parents aren’t of the web generation and aren’t giving guidelines to there children.

I am 100% totally against censorship and parental controls as it isnt the answer to the problem in question. As a species we are curious and if boundaries are put there we will break them. An example of this at my old school they had a friendly censornet system which was far to sensitive, it is ok filtering the nasty but images from Hiroshima and the Holocaust are also nasty, were does the filter stop and who says what is ok? The internet is full of rubbish and to somebody this blog will be rubbish and to another it will be valuable information and opinion. By setting up universal rules for children to follow, they are more likely to stay safe only, i am more inclined to say go onto the web and find out what is out there but if you see something that you dont know what it is then close it, now we come onto the Instant Messaging revolution, see this is a simple one only have on your contacts list who you know if you don’t know them dont have them on your contacts list, IM is between friends and family. As you get older you are more inclined to have the barriers and let more people onto your contacts list, but at this point you should know a dodgy character, and not be so gullible.

The US has passed legislation which controls what website operators are allowed to put in their site meta tags. The law bans the use of words which might lead anyone to obscene content.

Newsvine – Meta tag abusers face 20 years in prison

Then onto another not all that dissimilar subject, the US trying to police the web. A mean how are they going to make this one stick and it may be tied to certain things, but what is to stop apple suing me for having a higher rank than them when searching from apple (not that it will ever happen) America is willing itself into a position were it can oversea the internet, but the internet is designed to be a collective of different ideas, not one mass of grey boring information. America designed the inter-network when the phone system was just starting to be used, it was designed so any place on the earth could be contacted even if there were places bombed and cables cut. Tim Burners-Lee created the internet as we now know it to share information, the basis of which any sharing can take place being self-censored not by government but by the user who says, that is the line and i arent going to cross it. This way the internet can meet all its users needs.

Sorry for the sort of rant it had to be done.

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What makes a good website?

I have being try to figure this one out over the last couple of days before I start development of the new site, i know what i personally want from the site, but what will make this site different from any other site? Well first of nothing there are so many websites out there that it makes no difference what your content is cos chances are there will be somebody else somewhere doing the same, so does it then fall to interesting design, well yes and no if you make it too radically your site becomes niché (new cool feature in mac os i found to get accent) and confusing to use, and you could even make the site too good and the content would be all poo.

So a perfect website would be nice to look at, some cool features and plenty of good content. In that statement i opened another can of worms what is good design, for me it would be functional and looks simple.

“99% of the internet is rubbish” -unkown “the internet is a series of tubes” – Ted Stevens