Twitter Updates for 2008-05-04

  • If your not to bothered about being PC checkout Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson #
  • tracktrack kurzweil #
  • needs no explanation really – #
  • facebook is getting almost as bad as myspace, its slowing to an unbearable pace #
  • twitter facebook app borked – #
  • the longer you spend on the internet the longer you spend on the same sites #
  • watching twit live #
  • stickam is melting thanks to twitlive #

The problem with Phorm

Phorm is a obvious idea, associate ads with what a user views and they will be more likely to click on these ads. There are obvious privacy concerns with the system what gets associate to the users, coupled with rushed legislature link. Could land many people in hot water and prison. 

Phorm is just the latest incarnation of what is a global trend, we already collect enough data to be able to track every persons moves transactions and friends, we just don’t want the dots to be connected up. Thats when it will go wrong. For better or for worse we are going digital, and more so with web 2 centralising the data we have, making it even easier for profiles of innocent people to be made.

The problem with these systems are if they are put together, no is squeaky clean. For instance I have peace of music in my iTunes library called “Thank God for the Terrorists” it isn’t too hard to imagine if I was traced buying that piece of music, I could be arrested.

We need to fight to make sure these database aren’t connected up anymore then they already are, we don’t need ID cards, or CCTV to stop terrorism and crime. We need to grow up, and tackle the root causes. It’s very dangerous to even think these things do anything to stop crime or terrorism.

“Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” – Benjamin Franklin

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Review in 20 Seconds: Iron Man [Film]

Ok, so I would be the first to admit that I didn’t think Iron Man was going to be a film for me.

As always I turned out to be wrong, I aren’t a comic book fan but this film has to be one of the best ‘superhero’ films ever made. I mean come on Spiderman isn’t all that great and The Incredible Hulk isn’t that brilliant either.

The dialogue is engaging and witty, and most of all the whole thing is almost believable.

Go See!!