We need to get a grip

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reports that the glass Cube Apple erected earlier this year on New York’s tony Fifth Ave, dubbed Apple Mecca by many of the Mac faithful, is offensive to Muslims Muslim community offended by Apple’s Fifth Avenue NYC Cube – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

We are fast becoming a world wide culture of everything that we do offends somebody or other and that if we moan it will change something. The simple fact is de-railing a project simple because it offends is not good enough.

Also the fact there are so many people/organisations that it becomes a vicious cycle. The internet has gave us many things a place to voice or concerns and a place were everybody is heard, but it also a place were disinformation and exaggeration is rife, using the example above when has any apple Genius Bar every served Alcoholic Beverages.

A Little Knowledge is dangerous. So is a lot. – Albert Einstein

Sony Is going on an long holiday

Sony Warned on Future by ex-chairman

Ah, Sony my not favorite company of the world. You really do like rubbing in the fact Europeans “Historically don’t mind waiting for new consoles” this is the europe known as the dark ages under the sea, because it certainly aint the europe I live in.

On top of that the PS3 will bring sony to its knees, its already in debt and is banking on far too many new and untested technology, if they pull it of I will be very surprised. They have become too big and lost sight of there goals, ambition and creativity, the corporation strikes again.

And in the meantime Microsoft have released revised and relaunched the xbox 360 twice; who’s market leader now? and Nintendo just plod along doing there own thing and do it perfectly a bit like apple in more than just the design stakes.

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar GalacticaBattlestar Galactica is about to start its 3rd series, I have just finished watching the second season, and all I have to say is its very good.

This weekend I got hold of the soundtracks to BSG, and they are fantastic, quite honestly one of the best soundtracks I have heard, and I think it is much like Doctor Who in the sense that the Music and Drama etc. makes each episode a small film in its own right. I cant wait for season 3.


Great Web Design

Nine skills that separate good and great designers ~ Authentic Boredom

I never really took myself as much as a designer, I just know what looks good and what doesn’t and what works and doesn’t. I am starting to venture out into abit of web developing and learning a hell of alot along the way and really enjoying it.

I don’t think I am at the stage were I could confidently create a wordpress theme from scratch but I aren’t far off. Now, onto the link at the top of the page, I found it quite by accident (I can’t remember now how exactly I didi find it) Its an excellent presentation, and has some interesting stuff for anybody in design, whether it be a beginner, semi-beginner (me) or Experienced.

Day Against DRM

I am going to post something but not an extended bit of writing because I do run the risk of ranting.

Today is the day against DRM, yes that little thing iTunes that limits the music you bought, not because iTunes wants to control the market, but because the labels want to control the market.

Yes, thats right. The Labels. Why? may you ask well its simple, they were too late to the game napster and kazaa had been and gone by the time the labels saw the internet as a revenue stream and now the labels control and sue the next generation of consumers, tell me how this helps them make more money?

Tesco moves into software market

BBC NEWS | Business | Tesco moves into software market
Oh god no, Tesco’s at it again. There is a lesson to be learned here at some point and Tesco is going to learn it the hard way like Microsoft has.

“You cannot be everything to everybody”

As much as Tesco is excelling at what it does it is diversifying too much, look at Apple mid 90s. As much as Human Nature says do everything, you should really stick to what your good at before branching out. Tesco has only one asset if it all goes wrong, they have the money so they will have likely lost very little money on it.